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YouTube Video Downloader, as its name implies, allows you to download videos from YouTube with just a click. You can even choose between different formats and levels of quality, for example: MP4 (compatible with iPod/iPod Touch and iPhone), 3GP, FLV, HD 720p and Full-HD 1080p.

But this useful plugin doesn't limit itself to YouTube; it supports other video portals like Google, Facebook, MetaCafe, Vimeo, Spike, Dailymotion, and Current.

Download speed will vary depending on the site and video in question, although typically you should be able to download at an average of 500 kb/s, which means that a video will be completed in just a few minutes.

YouTube Video Downloader is one of the best plugins out there for YouTube users, especially those who like video editing, since in a matter of minutes you'll be able to collect enough material to keep you busy for days.
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